Haier Thermocool Floor Commercial Air Conditioner 6.5HP 60HT03 COPR WHT with model HT CAC FLOORU 6.5HP 60HT03 COPR WHT.

This air conditioner was specifically designed to enhance your space and blend superbly with new and existing decor. It is a stand alone split unit air conditioner.

It has been effectively designed to deliver 15 meter strong air flow with 160 degree wide span, this allows the unit to be used for open spaces and areas such as worship centres, halls, shops etc.

Quick cooling can be achieved at the click of a button.

This air conditioner was built to take humidity away from an environment. Haier Thermocool products are known to be tested and trusted, just like the Haier Thermocool Package Air Conditioner 6.5HP 60HT03.

Haier Thermocool’s low voltage operation design is specifically designed for the Nigerian power situation.

With the new and highly improved edge cutting technology, the air flow can be easily adjusted not to blow directly to the human body, which in turn provides healthier airflow and uniform cooling for your space.

Its de-humidification function helps remove the excess humidity in the air, thereby creating a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

This Haier Thermocool appliance makes no noise at all that will cause any inconvenience to its user.

The panels installed are easy to remove therefore making it easy to clean. Thanks to this, maintenance is made easy.

6.5 Horse Power (HP)
15 Metres Strong Air Flow
Floor standing air conditioner
4 Directional Air Flow
Long Distance Air supply
Easy clean design
Healthy Intelligent Air function
Unique design blends in with any decor
Haier Thermocool Package Air Conditioner 6.5HP 60HT03 also comes with a sleep mode feature. This enables the user set the temperature of the air condition unit to a comfortable level at night. This way, the temperature doesn’t get higher than a certain level in order to provide for a fitful nap time.

The auto restart function permits automatic return to previous operation conditions after an unexpected power outage. This eliminates the hassle of constantly re-setting the unit to your taste.

Why Haier Thermocool?

With over 40 years of experience, the Haier Thermocool brand has been committed to manufacturing highly efficient and long lasting products.The brand has also served Nigeria for several years and religious users of this brand can testify to the originality of this brand.

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